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Our Story

Hello, I’m Robyn, a dance mom that has created numerous costumes for my daughter as well as many other dancers. Rhinestoning was difficult due to the mess of the glue and stickiness of the entire process. So I, along with my husband Ron, tried several different solutions like cardboard, plywood, and other products on the market to try and make this easier but never had any luck. We thought there had to be better way and that’s when the Rhino-Stone board was born!


Our patented product is designed to take on the difficulties of making amazing and complex dance costumes. Not only can the Rhino-Stone board handle one project, it’s materials and durability allow you to keep making costumes over and over without glue sticking to the surface. Rhinestoning has never been easier or more fun and we hope you give our board a try!

All the best,

Robyn & Ron | Rhino-Stone Board Creators

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