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How To Use The
Rhino-Stone Board

Step One - Choose Your Board

Choose the correct size board for your garment.  Mini fits size 2T-6/7, Child fits sizes 8-Adult Extra Small, Adult fits sizes Adult Small – Adult Large and the XL board fits sizes over Adult Large

Step Two - Bust Attachments

If you are using the bust attachments, please do this step before moving on to the next and follow the instructions for attaching them to your board.  Bust attachments fit the Adult and XL. Skip to step 3 if not using the bust attachments.

Step Three - Add Your Costume

For leotards and bottoms, slide the costume from the bottom of the board up to the shoulders.  For tops, place the costume over the hanger hook and onto the shoulders and pull the rest of the way down the board where the garment will end.

Step Four - Using Clips

It is recommended you use the Rhino-Stone Clamps to firmly hold your garment in place. 

Step Five - Rhinestoning

Once your garment is firmly in place, you may begin rhinestoning your costume using your favorite method.  Each board order comes with a rhinestoning kit that includes a tray for your rhinestones, a wax pencil for picking up your rhinestones, another wax pencil that you may use to mark where you want your rhinestones, a pencil sharpener and a syringe and tip for the glue.

Step Six - Drying Your Costume

Leave the costume on the board while the glue cures.  You can use the hook to hang your garment as it dries.

Step Seven - Sleeve Slot

Once the glue has set on the costume, you may remove it from the board. If your costume has sleeves that need rhinestoned, use the integrated sleeve slot to rhinestone the sleeves.

How To Use The
Bust Attachments

Bust Attachments Instructions

Step 1.  Each set of bust attachments comes with a set of brackets.  Slide each bracket onto each side of the sleeve slot by placing the longer side to the outside of the slot.

Step 2.  Slide each of the bust attachments onto the long side of the bracket by placing the cup guide bottom (flat side of the cup) onto the bracket.  There is no specific right or left.  The cups will fit on either side

Step 3.  Move the cup to the desired area.

Step 4.  Place your garment on the Rhino-Stone Board using the How to Use the Rhino-Stone Board instructions.

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