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  • How do I clean the board?
    Remove garments and simply, peel the glue off and then you may wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol
  • What do I do if the leotard is too big for the board?
    Use the rhino-stone clamps to "tighten" the costume around the board. The clamps will hold your costume in place. You may also need to use the next size up.
  • What is the hook for?
    The hook is to allow you to keep your costume on the board while the glue sets. It is also good for use when traveling and storing. It is only 1/4" thick so it doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • What are the slits in the middle for?
    We call them sleeve slots. But they are for rhinestoning anything that may be tight to fit such as sleeves, tights and socks. Some have even used them for rhinestoning Cheer bows by using the clamps to hold them in place. Just slide the sleeve up the slots and rhinestone.
  • What are the bust attachments?
    The bust attachments come in 4 cup sizes, A, B, C and D. The cups will attach to brackets that are made especially for the Adult and XL sizes. You just need to slide the brackets up each side of the sleeve slot, then slide the attachments on and position them where needed before sliding your costume onto the Rhino-Stone Board.
  • Do you have any other products?
    We have several products such as body tape, Dancer Emergency Kits, Rhino-Stone Board Clamps and additional rhinestoning kits are also available.
  • What do the Rhino-Stone Boards come with?
    Every order comes with a rhinestoning kit and an instruction sheet on how to use them.
  • What kind of glue should I use?
    We recommend E6000 or GemTac. Please do not use "knock off" glues. They may not be safe for use on your costumes. If the glue is not safe for your costume, it will also not be safe for the boards.
  • Can I use hotfix rhinestones?
    Yes!! The boards are made of a high density plastic and it takes a lot of heat to melt them. If you use the hotfix tool directly on the rhinestone, as directed it will not melt the board. But please do not lay the hot tool directly onto the board for any prolonged period of time (treat is the same as you would your costume).
  • What do I need the clamps for?
    The clamps are to hold your costume in place exactly where you place it on the board. They can be released and the costume can be moved around. They are also great to use if your costume is slightly too big for the board size you have. You may clamp the costume in place.
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