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Customize Your Dance Costumes With Ease

Our revolutionary nonstick garment board makes it easier than ever to add ANYTHING to your dance costumes.

Rhinestoning a costume
Example of a Rhino-Stone Board
Example of a Rhino-Stone Board with costume

Why Use A Rhino-Stone

With a slim design and hook for easy storage, nonstick surface that keeps glue where it belongs and sleeve slots for stockings and gloves,

the Rhino-Stone Board is the perfect solution for the dancer in your life. 

Rhino-Stone Board

Hook for easy storage and hang drying.

Nonstick surface, glue won't stick!

Center sleeve slot for holding stockings & gloves in place.

Space saving slim design, only a quarter of an inch thick.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Review

"To all my dance momma friends I had to share this because of how much I love it!! I saw these on a costume page on FB and it has made rhinestoning Jada's costumes SO much easier! I highly recommend. It comes in 3 sizes and mine came with the clips pictured to hold the costume in place but I loved that I didn't need to cut our cardboard or use wax paper, and can use this for many many years to come. It's a great investments!" - Nel Marie

Customer Review

“Highly recommend!! And I was able to fit the board with the partly finished costume on it inside a garment bag to transport!!”

- Craig, Happy Customer

Customer Review

“I’m so glad I got this a few years ago! Wish it had been around sooner because I’ve glued so many costumes together. I also love that I can just hang up the board to dry away from my toddler. It’s been such a lifesaver!”

- Jessica, Happy Customer

Customer Review

“This board is amazing!! I just finished stoning my first ever project and this made it so much easier! It’s a must have for all!!”

- Kristi, Happy Customer

Customer Review

“I love the sleeve feature and especially the non stick surface which eliminates the need for parchment paper underneath!”

- Kendell, Happy Customer

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